Hi everyone, Jennifer Pivnick here – join in on my great conversation with Ziad Tleimat the CEO of ZimCode – an innovative youth sports technology company. One of my favorite solutions of his is TeamRunner, this platform enhances the customer experience (parent/manager/coach/club) at a tournament or league travel event – Enhanced customer experience always wins! I love this product because it solves so many of the problems in that arena, it tracks the data for you so you have negotiating power later, or just so you can see the buying patterns of your costumers. Anyway we don’t even really talk about that on this show, rather we discuss the need for youth sports to take a pause and analyze how they are running their business. Look at the way you are managing the process, millennials are your new customers and they demand more, so the challenge remains evolve or die. Ziad is so passionate about helping the youth sports organizations that his company is offering to pay them! – applications for their $1500 grant end May 31st

Learn more here https://www.trvlish.com/covidscholarship