We return with our second weekly podcast on the same topic – returning to train and eventually play across the country. Listen in as influential youth soccer leaders from Northern California address precautions they plan to implement as we navigate the return to play process.  This is what it looks like when competitive organizations come together to share resources and unite to help one another in these unprecedented times, because at the end of the day, #YouthSportsMatter

Take Action and Support PLAY Sports Coalition – 

Background PLAY Sports, which stands for Promoting Local and Youth Sports, represents a united front to support young athletes, working families, coaches, and volunteers across all 50 states, particularly those in underserved areas, through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

PLAY Sports’ mission is to ensure that the institutions connected to youth and local sports survive and thrive coming out of this pandemic. Sports provides significant benefits to young people including physical, social, emotional, and cognitive benefits. Sports also provide youth with opportunities for building character, leadership, and resiliency. The youth sports experience can help society return to a sense of normalcy post COVID-19 by creating community, connectivity, and joy.

As a community, the PLAY Sports Coalition is calling on Congress to help mitigate the devastating losses to the youth sports sector by extending existing programs: 1. Creating a $8.5B relief fund for the youth sports sector 2. Creating a federally funded and operated Youth Sports COVID-19 Task Force to establish guidelines and protocols for the safe return and continuation of youth sports programs and support their implementation.

Club Leaders let your voice be heard and join the fight HERE