Why do the investments made into youth hockey go unprotected if they do not have to? 


Nonrefundable sports fees are common practice industry wide as thousands of dollars are spent each year running facilities, managing operations, and creating a dynamic experience for players and their families. This investment largely goes unprotected, especially when parents stop paying once an athlete is unable to participate in your program.

Every year athletes are forced to quit the sport they love due to injuries, illness, or even the unexpected financial hardship that a loss of a job can create. We understand that as a youth sports club operator it is hard to balance between offering refunds and managing a balanced budget.

When parents stop paying or want a refund it puts you in a difficult position.

Absorb the cost or chase them down…


That is why we have created the only club centric sports fee insurance policy that… 

  • Minimizes your financial risk
  • Reduces admin workload 
  • And pays you or the parent directly
We are your refund department. 
With our technology you have full visibility into the process. 
You will see… 

When a claim is being made

The status of the claim 

You control where the payment is sent

Whats Covered?

Elite Plan:
Injuries – Injuries that happen on or off the field 30+ days
Illness – An Illness that remove an athlete for 30+ days
Death -Death of the athlete or parent
Mental Health -Mental Illness that inhibits participation
Job Loss -Unexpected Job Loss of a full time W-2 parent or guardian
Job Relocation -Job Relocation in the same company
MVP Plan:
Injuries – Season ending Injuries that happen on or off the field
Illness – Season ending illness that remove athlete from the program
Death -Death of the athlete or parent

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

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  3. Protect your club and Improve your member experience 

With USSCI protecting your revenue is now easier than ever

imagine getting paid and never dealing with refunds again.

We protect the investments made into youth sports