Why do youth sports clubs have a no refund policy?

Injuries in sport happen, kids get sick, and adults lose their jobs. These are facts of life that cannot be changed or controlled. So why do clubs have a no refund policy?

This question is usually asked after a player is forced to quit the team due to unexpected circumstances, like an injury, illness or job relocation of the parent – even though the parent willingly committed to a non-refundable sports program.

The answer is really quite simple; youth sports clubs try to keep their player fees as low as possible while still offering a comprehensive product. If clubs offered refunds they would need to increase club fee’s up to 20% to cover the budget increase needed. Doing this would either remove other valuable offerings or make that club less competitive in the market, so most have a strict no-refund policy to ensure fees remain as low as possible.

But why should a parent be forced to pay for something they are not able to use? Or why should a club ask the other parents to pay more for the player that left? It’s simply not fair. These fundamental questions are the backbone of Sports Fee Insurance, from US Sports Club Insurance.

Sports Fee Insurance provides peace of mind and protection for the financial commitment made to be with a quality sports organization. In the event of the unexpected Sports Fee Insurance allows parents to receive a refund based on the time that was not used and guarantees the club receives what was financially obligated to them.

According to Bob Turner, President of California State Soccer Association – South, “Sports fee insurance provides financial security for clubs, parents, and athletes in the unprecedented times we are currently in. Providing this resource allows clubs to focus on player development and growth on and off the field.”

When originally learning of Sports Fee Insurance back in 2017, Bob knew it was a product desperately needed across the youth sports market. “Prior to Jennifer (Pivnick) taking over as President of USSCI, the Sports Fee Insurance product was close but not nearly the finished product that it is today. I hoped the day would come that protection was available for all members involved with running a sports organization, and that day is finally here.”

So, how does Sports Fee Insurance work?

Sports organizations interested in protecting their revenue would select between two coverage options, MVP or Elite plan, to protect the members of their club. Depending on the coverage option selected, registration costs would increase 3% or 5% and allow clubs to outsource their refund department, and the headaches that come with. “The protection the Elite plan provides for the difficult times we are in, with unemployment and mental health on the rise, is much needed. Add the fact that club admins or team moms never have to deal with another refund request again, a nominal increase in registration fees to protect the interests of all is a no brainer decision for clubs and parents alike”, says Bob.

According to an Aspen Institute survey, parents estimate their family’s average spending on sports ranges from $270 to $2,600, depending on sport, with some competitive leagues around the country costing upwards of $10,000 per year. Protection for this type of investment is not only necessary for parents – it is necessary to maintain the opportunities that youth sports clubs provide. 


Whats Covered with Sports Fee Insurance?

   Elite Plan:

  • Injuries – Injuries that happen on or off the field 30+ days
  • Illness – An Illness that remove an athlete for 30+ days
  • Death – Death of the athlete or parent
  • Mental Health – Mental Illness that inhibits participation
  • Job Loss – Unexpected Job Loss of a full time W-2 parent or guardian
  • Job Relocation – Job Relocation in the same company
MVP Plan:
  • Injuries – Season ending injuries that happen on or off the field
  • Illness – Season ending illness that remove athlete from the program
  • Death -Death of the athlete or parent
Every child has the right to play sports in a quality program. USSCI gives clubs the resources to protect, grow and fund their sport, which provides more children the opportunity to play and receive the benefits that youth sports provide.
Clubs looking to offer this solution to their members can schedule a call! 


Protect the financial investment you are making to have your child play sports! Its simple, easy and effective!