If you are like most youth sports clubs, you operate with a strict no refund policy.

Non-refundable sports fees are common practice industry wide. Thousands of dollars are spent each year running facilities, managing operations, and creating a dynamic experience for your players and families. This investment largely goes unprotected, especially when an athlete is unable to participate in your program; that is typically when parents stop paying.

We understand that your budget is created on a set number of players and teams. But every year the unexpected happens which forces athletes to quit your program. This leaves you, the Club, in a difficult position – offer a refund and eat the cost or be a bill collector and chase the parents for the money they committed to pay.

So, the question is do you want to be the good guy or the bad guy?

The answer to this difficult question lies somewhere in the middle… First of all, if the player is leaving because they do not like the coaching staff or other parents on the team – well sorry, they committed to pay for that season and that’s that. They can leave, but still have to fulfill the financial obligation they committed to.

However, if the player is leaving due to something unexpected (an injury, illness, job relocation etc.), well that leaves you in a tough position…

This is where Sports Fee Insurance comes into play. If you offered it and parents chose not to take it, then you are certainly not the bad guy for requiring them to meet their financial obligation to you. If parents do get covered, then you are guaranteed the amount owed to you, and the parent is guaranteed to receive exactly what they paid for.

USSCI has created a club centric insurance policy that provides parents and the club peace of mind when committing to a non-refundable youth sports program. We are the ONLY Sports Fee insurance that mitigates your risk of losing revenue, reduces your admin workload, and allows us to pay you or the parent directly and our technology provides the club full visibility into the system. We are structured differently than our competitors, because we partner with each club and ease the burden and workload of the administrative staff.

You should operate your season on a protected budget. Imagine no longer having to deal with unhappy parents that believe they should not have to pay. Imagine never dealing with the internal struggle of whether or not to give a refund. By adding sports fee insurance to your program, you are doing what is right to protect the investments made into youth sports by both the parents and the club. What you do matters, and it should be protected.

To learn more and see if Sports Fee Insurance by USSCI makes sense for your youth sports organization – give us a call. We are here to protect, grow and fund youth sports!