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USSCI will refund your sports fees or pay your unpaid obligations to the sports club! In select sports, whether you pay in-full, up-front or over time with an installment plan parents’ financial obligation to the club is for the full sports fee as stated in the team contract. The club cannot refund sports fees or waive unpaid obligations when athletes are forced to withdraw from the program before the season ends, doing so could have incredibly negative impact on their operations.

US Sports Club Insurance benefits parents AND club owners, we offer three different plans to affordably protect the significant investment you’ve made in your child’s athletics.

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Protecting the health and well-being of each athlete is critical, and select sports can be stressful, and worrying about the financial impact of forfeiting sports fees already paid or still due in the event of the unexpected should not be an issue!

Protect your investment in youth sports with Sports Fee Recovery and Reimbursement Insurance. Don’t delay, insurance must be purchased before the season starts or during the open enrollment period. Open enrollment extends 30 days after the sports season starts. If the season start day is not clearly defined by your club, USSCI defines the sports season start day as the same day of the first official team practice organized by your coach or club.

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Sports Fee Recovery & Reimbursement Insurance

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This website is intended to be only a summary. It is not all inclusive, nor does it alter or waive any of the actual policy conditions. If you have any questions, please call US Sports Club Insurance at 833-227-6018.

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