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Sports fees are non-refundable but injuries happen and life is unpredictable!

Parents that sign non-refundable youth sports contracts find themselves in a difficult situation when the Sports Club cannot offer a refund or waive unpaid obligations when athletes are forced to withdraw from the program before the season ends. This is why we created Sports Fee Insurance with two affordable plans* to choose from! In the event of the unexpected, US Sports Club Insurance will refund your paid sports fees or pay your unpaid obligations directly to the Sports Club.

Premiums are a ONE-TIME PAYMENT and there is NO DEDUCTIBLE.

It's affordable and it's simple!

Protect Your Investment

Open enrollment is the period beginning on the day of your team registration and extending 30 days after the first official team practice. After the open enrollment period has expired, only the MVP plan can be purchased, and is subject to a 30-day waiting period.