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“The ability to offer our parents an opportunity to safeguard their financial commitment to our club is exciting. Injuries are a part of sports and Sports Fee Insurance offers security for our parents AND our club. US Sports Club Insurance has proven to be very professional, organized and at the top of their game, they’ve been an incredible partner to Sting and a great benefit to our parents. We don’t have to increase our fees or deal with any applications… we could not be happier that USSCI has found a simple, affordable way to offer Sports Fee Insurance.  I have been involved in youth sports for over 20 years, and I truly believe this is the most significant product to hit the market in a long time. I cannot find one reason why every single parent with a child in select sports would not purchase Sports Fee Insurance to secure their investment. IT IS SO NEEDED!!”

Brent Coralli

Principal/Executive Officer, Sting Soccer Club

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