Protect your event with

Event Cancellation Insurance

Events get canceled. It happens. You can’t control the weather, and neither can we.

USSCI brings event cancellation insurance to youth sports. Take the worry out of the weather, and play on.

Team Coverage

Give the teams that register for your event the chance to purchase coverage on their own.

If the event is canceled - USSCI reimburses the teams directly

Premiums range from

5% - 10%

Depending on the

location of your event

Coverage w/ Deductible

Insure your event for less.

For any claim, you are responsible for 25% of the lost revenue.


Coverage with a deductible reduces the overall premium.

Save Money, and stress with this option

Full Event Coverage

Insure your entire event without a deductible.

Your budget doesn't change with the weather.


Get a custom quote based on the actual risk!

If your event is cancelled, USSCI will reimburse you for all of your non-recoverable lost revenue.

We reimburse you for refunds, lost concession stand revenue, hotel partnership revenue, and more.

The Cost Of Not Being Covered

Severe weather happens all over the country. You don’t plan the weather when you plan your event.

USSCI analyzes 100 years of weather data to calculate the risk of your event.

Each event is individually rated, so you only pay for the coverage you need.

Applications close 30 days prior to the start of your event.

Protect your event with USSCI’s Event Cancellation Insurance

Why You Need To Apply Today 

Our experienced underwriters utilize over 100 years of weather data, in-depth analysis of your venue’s geography, and various risk factors to determine how likely your event will be canceled. 

We will tell you how risky your event is, and you only pay for the coverage you need. 

Applications close 40 days prior to the start of your event

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