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Sports are expensive! Injuries happen, kids get sick and sometimes parents lose their job. These are facts, but did you know that most of the sports fees you pay are not refundable? 

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Protect the financial commitment made to have your child with a youth sports program.

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Life Happens.

Every year thousands of athletes find themselves unable to play the sport they love due to injuries, illness, or even unexpected financial hardship. Sports fee insurance provides peace of mind and insures the financial commitment made to have an athlete on a non-refundable sports program. 

DYSA Supports the Protection of Youth Sports


What Sports Fees are Eligible for Coverage?

All Non-Refundable Club fees and Team fees are eligible for coverage. 


Success Stories

Sports Fee Insurance was a life saver after my Daughter tore her ACL, I couldn’t imagine paying the Club dues on top of all the medical expenses we incurred.

Michelle S.

Soccer Parent, Texas

My husband was relocated for his job and it devestated our son to leave his team, luckily with Sports Fee Insurance we were able to fulfill our obligation to the team we left, and pay the new team we joined with the money from sports fee insurance. 

Debra S.

Hockey Parent, Illinois

I was diagnosed with cancer and lost my job, this insurance paid our club dues on our behalf. We are so grateful this insurance exsist!

Anderson L.

Volleyball Parent, Texas

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