For Parents

USSCI offers families the opportunity to affordably protect the significant investment they’ve made in their child’s athletics in the event of the unexpected, regardless if the team sports fees were paid in-full, upfront or over time with an installment plan. If their athlete gets injured and is forced to sit out the remainder of the season, we offer protection. We will either reimburse parents a prorated portion of the fees they paid upfront, or we will take over future payments and pay the club/facility the remainder of fees due for the season. We also proudly support military families. If a parent or guardian is required to relocate due to military obligations and cuts their athlete’s season short, we will step in and either reimburse fees or take over the installment plan.

For Club Owners

USSCI gives club, facility and franchise owners the assurance they can collect 100% of the player fees each season from every player, regardless if they pay 100% upfront or if they pay in installments throughout the season.

Why it’s necessary

In team sports, parents’ financial obligations to the club is for the full sports fee as stated in the team contract. The club cannot refund sports fees or waive unpaid obligations when athletes are forced to withdraw from the program before the season ends. The risk of season-ending injuries like concussions or a torn ACL is high in competitve sports and that can be costly to parents and club owners. Every year thousands of athletes must withdraw from their team before the season is over for a variety of reasons some of which include:

  • Injury or Sickness
  • Parent Move
  • Unexpected Job Loss
  • Player Burn-Out
  • Financial Problems
  • Mental Health Conditions
  • Death of Parent or Athlete
  • Difference in Coaching Philosophy
  • Player/Coach Mismatch
  • Negative Experience
The cost of youth sports, especially the competitive travel teams, is increasing. Consequently, it’s becoming difficult for club owners to demand parents to pay 100% of team fees upfront. Yet, offering a pay over-time option can cost the club owner thousands of dollars if they don’t have a solution to guarantee payment of uncollected fees when an athlete can’t finish the season. US Sports Club Insurance pays benefits to the parents and the club owners in the event of the unexpected!

Win/Win…Peace of Mind!

Protecting the health and well-being of each athlete is critical, and select sports can be stressful, and worrying about the financial impact of forfeiting sports fees already paid (parents) or uncollected (club owners) in the event of the unexpected should not be an issue! That’s why it’s more important than ever to offer smart, affordable fee recovery and reimbursement insurance within your program.

US Sports Club Insurance gives parents and club owners peace of mind that player fees will be covered if an athlete is prohibited from finishing the season without significant negative financial impact on the parents or the sports club!

“Club sports are truly wonderful, but the high cost can make it a tough decision sometimes… So knowing that our investment is protected makes the decision to participate so much easier.” - Shelly H.

Parent, Dallas, TX

Benefits of Sports Fee Insurance

US Sports Club Insurance gives parents and club owners peace of mind that player fees will be covered in the event of the unexpected.


Sports Fee Recovery & Reimbursement Insurance

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