Benefits for Sports Clubs

Injuries happen… but you simply can’t offer refunds.

Sports Fee Insurance.

How it benefits your club:

  1. Without negatively impacting your bottom line, you can help parents recover some of their fees if their child gets injured or sick and can’t play.
  2. There’s NO cost to your club. You don’t have to increase your fees or collect premiums.
  3. Your club is also a beneficiary of the policy.
  4. This makes it easier for you to require parents to commit their child for the full season and sign non-refundable contracts.
  5. We make it super simple for you…we provide a turn-key marketing and communications plan so you can focus on operating your club!

Protect your athletes and your business…


Sports Fee Insurance.

Find out how easy it is to tell your parents all about it.

Sports Fee Insurance

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