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USSCI’s mission is to protect both parents and club owners in the event of the unexpected. Club sports is an expensive commitment. When you add up the cost of uniforms, equipment, private lessons, team practice, facility fees, select team fees, travel, tournament fees, sports apps, etc… youth sport costs parents thousands of dollars each season! And when a player is injured and can’t finish the season, club owners who organize youth sports are always at risk of losing necessary revenue for successful operations. When that happens, it’s hard to force parents to finish paying for a season when their child can no longer participate. Yet it can be debilitating to the club owner’s operation if they choose to forgive the remaining balance.

Most club owners are small to medium sized business owners, and finding players to join the team mid-season to replace those who can’t finish out the season can be extremely difficult and stressful. Finding guest players is often how teams recover when they lose players mid-season, however guest players typically don’t take over the fees from the exiting player. For club owners, having the assurance they can collect 100% of their expected fees is a game changer, as there are often many hard costs associated with running a sports club or select sports organization. And when a handful of player can’t finish the season and don’t pay their remaining balance, it’s costly to the club owner.

USSCI was founded by parents and insurance experts who know the importance of youth sports and understand the significant investment required from both the parents and the club owners to ensure the athlete’s success and the team’s success. We believe that it should not cost the parents or club owners when the unexpected occurs and forces an athlete to prematurely end their participation on the team. USSCI is committed to help families affordably protect their significant investment in youth sports and give club owners the assurance they can collect 100% of their fees, so they can keep their head in the game.

Sports Fee Recovery & Reimbursement Insurance

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This website is intended to be only a summary. It is not all inclusive, nor does it alter or waive any of the actual policy conditions. If you have any questions, please call US Sports Club Insurance at 833-227-6018.

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