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US Sports Club Insurance was founded by veteran insurance experts who saw the need for Sports Fee Insurance in the select sports market. We’re also parents who recognize the immeasurable value of youth sports as well as the growing investment parents make for their kids to participate. We believe that it should not cost the parents or club owners when injuries occur and force athletes to prematurely end their participation on the team. 

Our Mission

USSCI’s mission is to protect both parents and club owners in the event of season-ending or short-term injuries. Our goal is to give parents confidence to sign non-refundable sports fee contracts knowing they can protect their financial investment and give club owners an opportunity to offer a way for parents to recover their sports fees without negatively effecting their bottom line. 

Club sports is an expensive commitment. When you add up the cost of uniforms, equipment, private lessons, team practice, facility fees, select team fees, travel, tournament fees, sports apps, etc… youth sports costs parents thousands of dollars each season! When a player is injured and can’t finish the season, club owners who organize youth sports are always at risk of losing necessary revenue for successful operations. When that happens, it’s hard to force parents to finish paying for a season when their child can no longer participate. Yet it can be debilitating to the club owner’s operation if they choose to forgive the remaining balance. Sports clubs simply cannot offer refunds. USSCI provides peace of mind for parents and club owners with Sports Fee Insurance.

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