Sports are Expensive!

Sports Fee Insurance protects the financial commitment made to have your child with a competitive sports program in 3 easy steps. 

1. Enter non-refundable sports fee   
2. Select Plan   
3. Enter Athlete and Club information

With two plans to choose from – the decision is simple and it’s yours!

Every year thousands of athletes find themselves unable to play the sport they love due to injuries, illness, or even unexpected financial hardship. Sports fee insurance provides peace of mind and insures the financial commitment made to have an athlete on a non-refundable sports program.  

How it Works


Parent commits Athlete to a program


Protect your financial commitment


The Athlete can no longer play


USSCI pays when Athlete can’t play

We protect the investments made into youth sports 

Customer Testimonials

“Sports Fee Insurance was a life saver after my Daughter tore her ACL, I couldn’t imagine paying the Club dues on top of all the medical expenses we incurred.”
Michelle S.

“My Husband was relocated for his job and it devastated our son to have to leave his team, luckily with the Sports Fee Insurance we were able to fulfill our obligation to the team we left, and pay the new team we joined.”
Debra S.

“I was diagnosed with cancer and lost my job, this insurance paid our club dues on our behalf. We are so grateful this insurance exists!”
Anderson L

Need more information?

If you are a club looking to add sports fee insurance as an offering to your families or a parent that wants more information –  we are here to help!
Frequently Asked Questions
If you are looking for more information and don’t want to call – check out our FAQ’s
How do I determine what my sports fees are?
We insure your non-refundable sports fees. The total dollar amount you commit to pay your team and club, this includes registration fees, team fees, coaching fees, and any non-refundable fees. If you do not want to insure the full amount you can cover a portion of your sports fees.
Is my coverage instant?
Your Policy is in effect at midnight of the day you purchase. Please note there is a 15 day waiting period before benefits apply for all perils. However, Job loss and Job relocation have a 30 day waiting period.
Is season cancellation covered?
Coverage is specific to the listed perils of the plan you select. Season cancellation is not an option on either plan.
Can my club include this for all of our players?
Yes! We have many options available for clubs to offer this program to their families – including it for everyone elevates your value as a club and provides a discounted rate to your families. Scholarship players can be included in this option.

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