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Sports are expensive! Injuries happen, kids get sick and sometimes parents lose their job. These are facts, but did you know that most of the sports fees you pay are not refundable? 

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Season-Ending Injuries

A Season-Ending Injury that happens on or off the field and removes the athlete from the sports program.

An Injury Claim Example

Athlete suffers a torn ACL 65 days into the season. The Dr. confirms the player will be out the remainder of the season totaling 300 days.

If the insured amount is $365 for 365 days - value of the claim is $300.

Season-Ending Illness

A Season-Ending illness that removes the Athlete from the sports program.

An Illness Claim Example

Athlete contracts Mono and is unable to participate for the remaining 90 days of the season. A licensed physcian recommend the athlete abstain from sports. Parent has already paid their club fees in full. Reimbursment for 90 days is paid directly to the parent.

Death of Parent or Athelte

The Death of a Parent or Guardian of the Athlete.

An Death Claim

The death of a parent or athlete is a tragic event. USSCI reimburses for the time an athlete is unable to participate in a program, the balance owed to the club is paid directly to them or reimbursment is sent to the parent if the no blance owed the club.

Short-term Injuries/Illness

Any Injury or Illness that inhibits the athlete from the sports program for 30 or more days.

An Injury Claim

Your Athlete suffers a concussion and must be out of the program for 6 weeks.

USSCI will reimburse you a prorated refund to ensure that you are paid for the time that your athlete couldn't play.

Mental Illness

A mental health disorder or Mental Illness that does not allow the Designated Athlete to be an active participant of the Sports Organization

An Mental Health Claim

Your Athlete goes through a sudden mental health crisis.
The toll of going to practice and games becomes too much, and a physician advises that the athlete no longer participates in the sports program.

Job Relocation

Job relocation of Parent or Guardian (who is a W2, non-owner employee) and moves Athlete more than 75 miles away from their previous residence.

Job Relocation

Your job requires that you move cities during the season. If you have to move 75 miles or more away - USSCI will reimburse you for all of your athlete's lost play time.

Job Loss

An involuntary Job Loss of Parent or Guardian (who is a W2, non-owner employee) Athlete not being able to be an active participant of the Sports Organization

A Job Loss Claim

A parent or guardian of the athlete, go through a job loss during the season. USSCI pays when your athlete is no longer able to participate in the program.

Life Happens.

Every year thousands of athletes find themselves unable to play the sport they love due to injuries, illness, or even unexpected financial hardship. Sports fee insurance provides peace of mind and insures the financial commitment made to have an athlete on a non-refundable sports program. 

Is Club Sports worth the cost?

If your player is committed to their own development, if you support and foster this commitment, and if the club you are with nurtures and leads your child into becoming the best player, athlete, and person they can be, then yes, club sports are worth the cost. Protect your investment with sports fee insurance.


What Sports Fees are Eligiable for Coverage?

Non-Refunable Club fees and Team fees are eligible for coverage. 


Success Stories

Sports Fee Insurance was a life saver after my Daughter tore her ACL, I couldn’t imagine paying the Club dues on top of all the medical expenses we incurred.

Michelle S.

Soccer Parent, Texas

My husband was relocated for his job and it devestated our son to leave his team, luckily with Sports Fee Insurance we were able to fulfill our obligation to the team we left, and pay the new team we joined with the money from sports fee insurance. 

Debra S.

Hockey Parent, Illinois

I was diagnosed with cancer and lost my job, this insurance paid our club dues on our behalf. We are so grateful this insurance exsist!

Anderson L.

Volleyball Parent, Texas


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