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Sports clubs provide valuable coaching and skills for life. But sitting out can be expensive. USSCI provides insurance that protects both club owners and parents against the unexpected. So everyone wins.

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Introducing Sports Fee Recovery & Reimbursement Insurance

So how does Sports Fee Recovery & Reimbursement Insurance actually work?

  • It takes over the payments of your installment plan and pays your sports club the remaining uncollected fees when certain unexpected events occur.
  • It reimburses you a prorated portion of your fees when your child is prohibited from finishing out the season due to injuries or when other unexpected events occur.
  • Everyone wins!

Low Cost

Affordable pricing makes getting or offering coverage a no-brainer.

Everyone’s Covered

Provides fee recovery protection for both sports clubs and parents.

Peace of Mind

Sleep easy knowing you’re insured with the leading provider in the industry.

Sports fees are non-refundable but...Life is unexpected!

Life Happens and Kids Get Hurt
Every plan we offer guards against season-ending injuries. Regardless if your child was injured on the playground, skiing during Spring Break, bike riding with their friends or while they were playing select sports…our Sports Fee Recovery & Reimbursement Insurance has you covered!

Affordable Rates
We offer three different levels of coverage with rates starting at just $15. Premiums are a one-time payment and guarantee your athlete’s sports fee is insured for the entire season.

Regardless if you pay 100% upfront or an installment plan, we have you covered. When the unexpected occurs, we will either reimburse parents a prorated portion of the fees they paid upfront, or we will take over future payments and pay the club/facility the remainder of the fees due for the season.

Request a copy of our Sports Fee Recovery & Reimbursement Policy for a full list of coverages, conditions and exclusions.

Youth Sports is already a
$15 billion industry.

“The U.S. youth-sports economy–which includes everything from travel to private coaching to apps that organize leagues and livestream games–is now a $15.3 billion market, according to WinterGreen Research, a private firm that tracks the industry.”

TIME Magazine, August 2017
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Growth of Youth Sports Since 2010


Average Program Incompletion Rate

Sports Fee Insurance explained in 60 Seconds

There has never been an affordable way for sports clubs to offer fee recovery… until now.

Watch the video to learn how everyone wins!

From Trusted Providers with Proven Experience

US Sports Club Insurance is founded by veteran insurance industry professionals who saw the need for quality coverage in the sports program market. We’re also parents who recognize the immeasurable value of youth sports programs — as well as the growing investment parents make for their kids to participate.

Sports Fee Recovery & Reimbursement Insurance

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This website is intended to be only a summary. It is not all inclusive, nor does it alter or waive any of the actual policy conditions. If you have any questions, please call US Sports Club Insurance at 833-227-6018.

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